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Yearly, a lot of Belgians discover the nice seaside resort Ostend.  Many people return to Ostend because there is always something to discover.

In the well-known seaside resort Ostend is enough to do and see, even for the spoiled tourist. And you can find, of course, in Flemish Belgium sufficient good dining options. Seafood restaurants have the overtone. In addition to the beautiful coastal resort, Ostend has some very beautiful green parks. In short, plenty to see and to do.


Fort Napoleon

As every fortified city, Ostend also has his own fortress. The fort was built in 1811 commissioned by Napoleon because they feared an attack from England. The pentagonal fort has in addition above all served as Armory and whereabouts of soldiers. Today it is a museum with a good cultural and educational power where many secrets from the past can be found.   



On the visserskaai you can find a sea aquarium with more than sixty types of aquatic animals. The animals are spread over a number of aquariums so you can see them well. The animals are supplied by local fishermen. At the beginning, the building was a schrimp mine. Since 1977 this North Sea aquarium was located there.



This Barkentine sailing ship attracts many thousands of visitors. The beautiful old museum ship from 1932 was once a training ship for the merchant fleet. With its 15 sailcloths he could on best days reach a speed of about 13 knots. The ship has had a variety of destinations such as Easter Island, Congo and Lisbon.



Ever during the second world war, this line of Defense was built to defend the country from several attacks. The strategic points were mainly ports, that’s why you can see some parts in Ostend who are still reflected. Nowadays, the Atlantic wall of Ostend is an open air museum. Here you can see (other) the military defenses and the stay. The underground trenches and bunkers are well reconstructed and bring you back in time.



Near the Romestraat in Ostend is this special art museum. Through good partnerships is tried to the widest possible audience. This is done to an approach creative with a wide variety of (temporary) collections and educational functions. The emphasis in this museum is based on young Flemish artists.



On this modest open air fish market on the visserskaai, you can find the daily catch for sale. Especially in the early morning, the offer is there very fresh and diverse. It's been for years the place in Ostend where you can buy fish. Previously, the fishing catch was offered by women of the fishermen. In particular, the Ostend shrimp there is huge popular. Nearby are many fish restaurants, each with their own specialty.



The attraction park Plopsaland is near De Panne, a seaside resort located at half an hour drive from Ostend. For the little ones among us a visit to this park is certainly recommended. Kabouter Plop, Mega Mindy, Bumba and K3 are highlighted in this section. The park is spacious and well organized. The very fast and wild attractions here are hard to find. This is why it is especially for children between 0 and 10 years a super fun park. From the length of 1 meter you pay the full rate. Throughout the day, you can see performances or there are studio100 figures walking through the park.


Casino Kursaal

On a very prominent place at the seaside you can find this particular building filled with lots of windows. Since the beginning of the 19th century, this place was visited for relaxation. At that moment, there was already a concert and ballroom. In the second world war, the Kursaal has been destroyed. After the war, the current building was built under the guidance of the architect Léon Stynen. Nowadays, there is next to the concert hall and catering business also a casino in the building.



The former educational centre Earth Explorer is since 2014 transformed in Explorado Family Adventure Science Park Ostend. Here you can discover any statements about various natural phenomena. How does a tornado arise or what is the explanation for devastating tsunamis. Attractions such as the Apollo 3000 Simulator creates the necessary tension during a learning & fun day in Explorado.


Brugge ‘die scone’

medieval mysterious, free and easy Burgundian and for centuries a world city. The inner city impresses with its cultural-historical heritage and is recognized as a world heritage site since 2000.


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