General renting terms and conditions ‘Les Maisons de la Mer’

  1. When concluding your reservation , a down payment of 50% is required.
    The  solde + a deposit of 100 euro should be credited on our account 6 weeks before the first day of your tenancy.
    The deposit will be refunded 2 weeks at the latest after your tenancy, if there is no damage or disappearance of objects. In cause of damage or additional costs (for example uncleaned porcelain, see point 5 there will be a deduction of your deposit.

    One week before your departure , we will make sure to contact you concerning the entrance to the residence and any further information you may require. If you would like to rent the holiday home within the period of time of 6 weeks before your stay, you’re required to pay the solde  immediately after your reservation.

  2. If the tenant for any reason want to cancel, he will pay the following costs:
    1. cancellation more than 3 months before the start of the rental period: 10%
    2. cancellation between the 90th and the 60th day before the start of the rental period: 25%;
    3. cancellation between the 59th and the 30th day before the start of the rental period: 50%;
    4. cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the rental period: 100%;
    If the tenant does not use the holiday home of leaves this before the end of the rental period, there will be no refund. The tenant may, on its own initiative, take a cancellation insurance at his broker.

  3. Only the tenant and the persons mentioned on our rental agreement, have the right to inhabit our holiday home during the requested period. During the reservation you will have to inform us how many adults and/or children will be present in our residence and any later changes of the amount of persons should be informed.
    The owner has the right to evict the tenants in case of disregard of the rental agreement and /or ask for a compensation of 200 euro.

  4. You can move into the residence on the day of arrival from 04pm and must leave on the day of departure at latest by 10am and this because of the cleaning service.

  5. The final cleaning after your tenancy is included in the rental price . However the owner has the right to ask for an additional sum or deduction of your deposit in case the residence is left behind in horrendous condition.
    When departing to your home , make sure the porcelain /pans and cooking pots are clean and dry. The oven, microwave and refrigerator should also be left behind clean.
    The used bath and kitchen towels should be collected in the laundry basket.
    All garbage must be taken with your departure. Glass should be collected in a community glass bin and paper/cardboard should be taken aswell with your departure.

  6. Pets are strictly prohibited.

  7. The tenant will notify us immediately if he causes any damage. Any complaints must be notified to us within 48 hours after arrival. There will be searched for a solution as soon as possible.

  8. If by as a result of force majeure the residence no longer would be habitable, the landlord will refund the tenant for the remaining period of time, without additional costs.

  9. We can not be held responsible for  temporary interruptions in electricity power or in water supply.

  10. The tenant will be using the holiday home at own risk. The landlord can not be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the tenant.

  11. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the residence

  12. The tenant has free-access to our TV, WIFI and every other household machine.
    If the tenant notices any damage or defects, he can not demand a claim or cash refund of any sort for one of these appliances or machines. The tenant is also required to kindly inform the owners if he notices any sort of defect.
    We the owners will do everything that is possible to make sure the defect is fixed and/or replaced so your stay is enjoyable as possible.

  13. Personal data (address, account number) will nog be posted on the website. They will be communicated to you at the conclusion of the rental contract.

  14. The residence is located in a quiet residential area.  We would sincerely like to ask you to respect the rest of the neighbours between 10pm and 08am.

  15. The residence is intended for families with children and not for groups of young people or partying adults.

Les maisons de la mer

Les maisons de la mer

Les maisons de la mer

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